Saturday, April 16, 2011

bill nye the eden guy

edited by Abigail Louisa

Friday, April 15, 2011

France du Sud...Nice.

After three months in Paris and a lil bit of Germany, my dad, sister, and students took the TGV to Nice in Southern France for a few days.


"La Vielle Ville" is the old part of town with an italian feel to it, with beautiful colors and small streets.

The park overlooking it.

Hiking along the coast on a greeky trail Riding velo bleu bikes all around Nice

The water icy and beautiful, accompanied by a beach made of tiny pebbles at the beach Villefranche.

i captured some sea glass from the beach Clay court fancy tennis with my dad

Monday, July 6, 2009

montana, brother

 Here's a lil clip from a great weekend trip to Montana..


My friend Jared invited Sara, Mary, and I to his cabin on Echo Lake in Montana. It was beautiful, and so much fun! His family was so nice, too. good times

Sunday, May 31, 2009


My friend Josh and I went rock climbing a couple days ago in Little Cottonwood Canyon and it was awesome! We hiked up the the spot where our climb begins, and there were some guys there just finishing up their lil climbing sesh. We chatted with them briefly and Josh asked them if they had seen the squirrel. They didn't know what he was talking about and neither did I so he went on and said that there is supposed to be a famous fat squirrel in this spot that eats your food from your packs once you start climbing. They thought it was a funny story but they weren't victims of this squirrel. 

Josh started his lead and  got to the first pitch pretty quickly, then I started climbing. I was clipping in at the top when Josh looked down the cliff and said "Oh no way!!" And there he was. This HUGE fat squirrel unzipping our packs (he doesn't chew it open- he's a very respectful squirrel) and taking our M&M's, Cliff Bar, Cliff Bar, Cliff Bar... yes. There were three!! We tried to find some loose rocks to chuck at it and we found one but by then he already vanished into the bushes. That little punk. 

So we didn't get to eat the lunch we brought and I didn't have time to eat after because I was running late for work, so I had to tell my boss that a squirrel ate my lunch. He gave me a funny look but he let me eat a salad in the back.

Btw, the picture of the squirrel is a squirrel I snapped a shot of in D.C. at the Jefferson Memorial. This canyon squirrel looked more like this.

And probably a little fatter since he ate 3 cliff bars AND a pack of eminems. Next time I'm bringing my airsoft gun and clipping it to me while I climb.

Also, last week I went camping as a chaperone for a high school group. We accidently left a backpack full of sunflower seeds and triscuits. Though everything was fully zipped, of course some thief squirrels or raccoons left a mess in our tent. Again, nothing was chewed up, and they zipped up my backpack and the tent when they left. They should have cleaned up the mess....

Also, my brother's family is coming soon!! I love them and I can't wait. Here they are at Christmas time when I went to go visit them in Baltimore.

 OK Peace.

Friday, September 5, 2008

my block

First of all, I'm eating a breakfast sausage sandwich from maverick and its pretty gross.

I went on a weekend trip to Southern Utah with friends Sara and Mary this past weekend. We stayed at Sara's friend Sally's house in Cedar City and she made us some good healthy soup and we went to the park with her and her two kids. The next day we went to a ghost town by Zion's called Grafton and there was a lumpy graveyard and a few old houses and buildings- it was aight.
Then we went on a twenty-five-dollar hike called Angel's Landing. It was hard to keep up with Sara- she's a hiking machine. We took alot of fun pictures lol

I moved to my parents house this month. Just trying to get all my stuff organized and trying to make room for it somewhere... my mom likes to collect everything, especially birthday bags, baby items, and picture frames. She collects things so much that its filling up the house, or should i say, has been filling up the house for a long time now. The stuffs over flowed into about 5 storage rooms, a storage facility room, and into all rooms in the house including mine. I'll find room somewhere though, and hopefully i will find a place in January or something. It's nice not to pay rent though! So thanks mom and dad.

School started, and it hasn't fully kicked into my head yet. I don't really count BYU Hawaii as school, so I haven't really gone to school for 2 years... or at least a year and a half. I like my physiology and my human development classes. Chemistry is gonna be killer though. Tutor me?

My brother Jared and his cute family came over last night. I haven't seen Diana since she was a newborn and she is so cute! She looks so much like Lucinda. It's crazy how fast babies grow. Adam, who is just under two, is so tiny (my dad makes up weird nicknames- he calls him peanut boy) and I love how he smiles every time I pick him up. I want to see them more often- they are so awesome. I made Jared a CD with all the pictures I took of the kids so he could have them on his computer. My aunt Shelly is in town with my cousin Michael too so it was fun to have alot of family over last night. Shelly ("squish") made some awesome mashed potatoes too.

My sweet sister-in-law Felicity had her baby a month early the other night! Everything turned out okay though (is what i heard) and the baby is awesome and i can't wait to see him. I might go there for christmas even!

Anyway, I'm at work right now and I'm not even supposed to blog so I'm gonna look at my chemistry book and try to make sense of it.

But don't forget, I do what I want.

They're cute

High on the Mountain TOP

Sunday, August 3, 2008

lil' vids

caught in a stasis..

made this earlier this year

Friday, August 1, 2008

photo drought

I somehow lost my charger for my camera's battery and therefore can't use my camera until i find it. How does that happen? Chargers hang out in outlets, and i went to all those- he's not there.